Mr Bean spoof courts controversy in Indonesia

Mr Bean fans in Indonesia have been warned to beware of a locally made spoof horror film called ‘Mr Bean Possessed by D.P.’, various websites reported last week. The film is produced by K K Dheerj and  stars an relatively unpopular actor, Mr Bean look-alike, William Ferguson. Controversy broke as soon as the film was released. While the official makers of Mr Bean warned its audiences of disappointment with the spoof, the producer of the film, KK Dheerj denied that they were trying to pass off their film as an original Mr Bean movie.

In the meanwhile, William Ferguson has claimed that he is unhappy being a part of this deception and had warned the film-makers several times about this misrepresentation. He has also apologized to movie fans for being a part of this project. The Indonesia police are now investigating the movie after a complaint filed by a movie goer. The complainant charged that Dheeraj violated Indonesia’s consumer protection laws that prohibit false advertising and concealing a hidden defect. If convicted, the film’s producer could face a maximum penalty of five years in prison and up to 2 Billion Indonesian Ruppiah in fines. You can read more on this story in the related articles -