Hu-National Cultural Fund Of Hungary (Nka)


Phone: +36-1-352 72 30, +36-1-351 54 61



Bajza U. 32, H-1062 Budapest

The national assembly set up the national cultural fund for the support of the creation and preservation of Hungarian cultural values and their propagation domestically and abroad. The national cultural fund is operating under the supervision of the ministry of cultural heritage.

The minister appoints the chairman of the national cultural fund committee. The committee distributes funds to each of 15 professional boards and votes on annual priority schemes. It is the task of the professional boards to set policies for their particular discipline.

The 16 professional boards, who make decisions on these applications, represent the following:

  • · Moving pictures
  • · Choreography/dance
  • · General education
  • · Belle-lettres
  • · Fine arts
  • · Library
  • · Information and culture of living conditions
  • · Applied arts
  • · Architecture
  • · Archives
  • · Theatre
  • · Photographic arts
  • · Museum
  • · Music
  • · Folk arts
  • · Historic monuments and archaeology

Annual Priority Schemes

Every year a large sum is set aside to special purposes. The fund tries to improve conditions in a given area, without changing the overall structures. This year the main purpose is continuing cooperation with the programme of EU Culture 2000 and helping the Hungarians living in the surrounding countries with inviting applications.